Children are the most vulnerable section of the society, however, they are the torch bearers of tomorrow. This implies that the children are the national assets and their formation to be better citizens will make a better place to live in. Hence, every attempt should ensure that every child has an equal opportunity to learn and grow. VRO has been working for children who are neglected, caught up in child labor, marginalized, migrated, etc. VRO ensures that every child learns, discovers his / her potentiality and forms into a better student community to transform the present social reality in and around them. VRO facilitates all the required assistance with the active collaboration of the village community to achieve the above goal. To this VRO also provides certain educational aids such as books, bags and learning materials to enhance their learning. VRO thus commits and accompanies in the all round formation of children and paving a way into the community initiating the process of self-reliance and sustainability. This year (2018-19) we have covered 6093 children in 163 villages.




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